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A Beautiful Review With a Happy Ending: Boris Has Arrived in the UK

Keringa-Petwings received this photo and an email from his mom:

It is all thanks to you and the highly professional, kind, and caring team at Keringa-Petwings that Boris made it to be with me in the UK at all.

Boris has now had a day and a bit to relax and settle in so he is becoming his normal self. He is eating well and drinking a normal amount of water. He is just fine, thank goodness.

I left him at Keringa-Petwings on 19 April along with Boris’ doggie pals, Kind, Asia, and Jelly Tot (the girls). They were due to all fly together to meet me in the UK during the first week of July but then disaster struck. Whilst my doggies all passed their rabies antibody tests without a problem and were booked to fly on to the UK to meet me, Boris failed his test dismally. It was a tough call for me to make regarding what to do next because, on your guidance, Boris was checked out by your vet and found to be suffering from feline AIDS. I was quite distraught as I immediately assumed that it wouldn’t be possible to improve Boris’s immune system to the extent required by international pet transportation regulations and I honestly thought that Boris and I would never be together again.

Never say never to the Keringa-Petwings team and their vet at Mooifontein Clinic. Boris underwent treatment to boost his immune system and was showered with love and affection from your team to enable him not only to pass all of his subsequent regulatory transport tests health-wise but also on the mental level to happily put up with his almost 6-month stay in isolation waiting for our reunion. Not a day went by without me receiving written and visual updates on the welfare of the girls and Boris during their stay at Keringa-Petwings.

On arrival in the UK in early July, the girls hit the ground running. They were fit, healthy, and happy and had been looked after so well, they didn’t appear to have missed me at all! All the team at Keringa-Petwings asked after them regularly and thoroughly appreciated the pics and write-ups that I sent to them in the three-month wait we had until Boris could join us. After another slight health scare with Boris, which was immediately detected and halted before it started, and with full credit and thanks to the professionalism, kindness, and caring of Keringa-Petwings whose staff all treated my pets as though they were their own, my girls, Boris, and I are finally all together again. Thank you and kind wishes from all of us.
A Beautiful Review With a Happy Ending: Boris Has Arrived in the UK 🐈❤️🇬🇧

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