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About Keringa

Although Keringa opened officially in March 1973, our story began long before this. In fact, it started not with Keringa at all, but with a stray dog who arrived at our Kew home and refused to leave. A cross German Shepherd with a floppy ear and bright eyes, we called him Negra. As responsible pet owners do, we took him to dog training and became friendly with a kennel owner who lived out in Honeydew. The idea of working with dogs, cats, and other animals took hold quickly.

We viewed several smallholdings and finally settled on a five-acre property with an old farmhouse, a barn, a pigsty, and an old green ‘Vaaljapie’ tractor. A tranquil spot far away from the hustle and bustle of the city (it was in those days) – it was perfect for raising happy children and dogs while making a living doing something we loved. One hot, hot summer’s day, Dad, along with his right-hand man, Daniel Molaiwa, rolled up their sleeves, marked out Block A with string, and mixed the first batch of concrete. As they worked, with the sun beating down on them, we – the three small daughters whose names make up the acronym, Keringa – took turns bringing them cold drinks. Finally, the day came when Blocks A and B were ready for their first canine guests. An advert was placed in The Star newspaper announcing the opening of Keringa Kennels on 20 March 1973. Then the phone (one of those black ones with dials on the front) began to ring…

Star Newspaper Ad
The Star newspaper advert announcing the opening of Keringa Kennels on 20 March 1973.
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We’re now in our 50th year of operation, with a team of 40 dedicated animal lovers and five distinct divisions. Aside from our dog and cat boarding facilities, which have evolved into dream pet staycations, we also have a reception and pet shop, a carpentry division that manufactures world-class pet transport containers, a maintenance division complete with a full-time painter, our Petwings team who handle pet transportation all over the world, our Petwheels division with its five customised pet transport vans, our own Moggy and Beano pet kitchen, and even a vet clinic for our consulting vets.

Our Mission

To continue setting the benchmark in pet care and worldwide pet transportation – as we have done for 50 years.

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Jared Has Arrived Safely in the UK 🇬🇧❤️🐈
Bear And Rex Have Arrived Safely in New Zealand Keringa-Petwings Pet Transport Testimonials
Safe and Sound in the UK – Lots of Sloppy Kisses From Teddy & Bruce! 🐈🇬🇧🐕
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