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Dexter is Safe and Sound in Australia 🐶❤️🇦🇺

Keringa-Petwings received this special reunion video and feedback from his grateful parents:

Your assistance in getting our special boy home to us in Australia was nothing less than exceptional! A very emotional collection from the airport at Sydney airport and the happiest moment of my life. Thank you from the very bottom of our now very full hearts for helping us make this possible. We are all so happy to be a complete family again.

Dexter did so incredibly well on the journey. He was calm and at ease in his travel crate when they brought him in. Once he heard my voice he was ready to be set free and his happiness was evident in his very excited wagging tail and cries to be released to us. What a special moment for us. Wishing you and your team the absolute best and thank you again for making this possible for us!
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