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Juno has Joined her Family in London 💖

Keringa-Petwings received these photos and an email from her family:

My wife and I are incredibly thankful that we chose Keringa-Petwings for flying out our little Beagle child. Danielle was the reason we chose Keringa-Petwings. From the first day we spoke to Danielle, she was so helpful and understanding with all our questions and concerns. It was Danielle’s customer service and kindness that won us over. She assured us that no matter what, our Beagle child (Juno), would always be safe and looked after once she was with them. Danielle also went above and beyond to help us out.

Thank you, Danielle and Keringa-Petwings for helping us fly our baby so that she could be with us on the next step of our adventure.
Juno has Joined her Family in London

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