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Kim, Kai, and Lady Grey are Safe and Sound in London, UK πŸˆβ€οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Keringa-Petwings received the following pictures and praise from their happy mom:

Our three ginger ninjas, beloved rescue cats Kim, Kai, and Lady Grey, successfully made the journey from Johannesburg to London in January this year. Keringa-Petwings was from the very start extremely helpful with the practical process around the microchipping, vaccination, and rabies blood (titre) sample requirements. They were also meticulous in picking up small errors on vaccination and microchip certificates which could have created big problems at customs.

Our cats also had to be boarded for nearly three weeks at the Keringa cattery before they flew. This too was an excellent service, from the prompt pick-up of the cats in their special crates to the daily emails with photos of the cats being fed and loved. Any pet lover knows the stress of separation and it is truly wonderful to see your animal looking healthy and happy.

Our cats flew out in the New Year which presented its own challenges including the State Vet closing for a longer than scheduled period over the festive season and flights not having enough β€˜tie-down’ points for the crates. These sudden changes of plan were stressful to hear about, but Keringa-Petwings called me personally a number of times to not only explain the hold-up but also to give me a detailed understanding of what would happen next. I really appreciated that.

Eventually, our cats arrived! Three months on they are so happy and have adapted to using a litter box and spending more time indoors than in SA. And we get even more cuddles because it’s colder over here! A massive thank you to Keringa-Petwings who guided us through the process so kindly.

Also, I have to add, that I found their rates very competitive compared to other pet relocation companies. It’s not a cheap process but the peace of mind was worth every penny. They have over 50 years in the business and it shows!

We transport cats, dogs, and other pets worldwide. And we also look after them until they are ready to join you in your new country. Beautifully.

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