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Krisko the Staffy is Safe and Sound in Poland

His family sent this email to Keringa-Petwings travel agent Carla Swiegers:

Good morning Carla and team,
Thank you very much for the work done to bring Krisko over. We’re very glad that everything went well given all the challenges. Receiving Krisko in Poland was extremely smooth and quick given the long flight and snow in Poland at the time, he is now back to his senses. He, however, has forgotten what he looks like and wants to play with all the mirrors. He looks well, thank you. You guys are the best! I already started talking about you to all my friends who love their pets.
Best wishes to Keringa Team! What a stunning service.
Krisko the Staffy is Safe and Sound in Poland 🐶❤️🇵🇱

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