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Max is Safe and Sound in the UK 🐈❤️🇬🇧

Niveshan Govender, Petwings pet travel agent, received this email from his mom:

As an extremely anxious cat parent, I appreciated the incredibly quick and helpful responses I got to my (million!) questions before and during my cat Max's flight from Joburg to London.

My Keringa-Petwings travel consultant, Niveshan, put my mind at ease and kept me updated throughout the whole process, always making himself available for updates or to answer questions. This was especially important closer to Max's flight date, as he is an older cat who requires medication, which Niveshan arranged with his staff and the airport staff. In fact, the whole Keringa team (from Petwings manager, Alta, to Petwings travel consultant, Niveshan, and driver, Bruce) were extremely communicative and helpful. I would definitely recommend Keringa to any pet parents looking for pet travel services.
Max is Safe And Sound in the UK

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