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Meneer has Arrived Safely in the Netherlands ❤️🇳🇱🐇

Senior pet travel consultant, Danielle Smuts, who handled his transport, was sent the following email from Meneer’s happy parents:

Weereens duisende dankies vir alles!

What an amazing team! From the first contact up to the end. I could not have asked for more than what we received. My bunny, yes, a rabbit, immigrated with us to the Netherlands. Thanks to Danielle Smuts and her team, he landed in the Netherlands with no issues or signs of stress and fatigue. I was more stressed and sleep-deprived than him. 😅

I cannot thank Keringa-Petwings enough for their wonderful service. They went the extra mile with daily updates, photos, and videos. I can see my baby was well taken care of throughout the whole process.

From a mom and dad who heard all the ‘bad’ about transporting your bun to another country. This company goes above and beyond and comes highly recommended.
Meneer has Arrived Safely in the Netherlands
Happy and Healthy in the Netherlands
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