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Neve & Ash are Safe and Sound in Dubai ❣️❣️

Keringa-Petwings pet travel agents, Mark Hindle (snr) and Niveshan Govender, who made it happen for them, received this email from their family:

We'd like to extend a sincere thank you to your company and each one of you who ensured the safe arrival of our Neve & Ash. They arrived home in Dubai this evening and they were so happy to see their new home. To Colin and Candice (kennel manager and assistant), thank you for the wonderful pictures on a daily basis with feedback on how these two were doing, it really made us feel close and that they were well cared for. To Mark and Niveshan, we are also super grateful as we know your colleague left suddenly, and without any bumps, the process continued effortlessly and smoothly. You guys are truly a force and a company we will forever share our incredible experience about.

Thank you again!

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