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Pebbles is Safe and Sound in the UK 🐶❤️🇬🇧

Danielle Smuts, senior Keringa-Petwings pet travel consultant, received this email from her family:

Thanks very much for your assistance throughout the process. Pebbles has settled in well. We used Keringa-Petwings to transport our puppy, Pebbles, from South Africa to the UK. We received excellent service, and I would definitely recommend using them.

They were extremely efficient and professional from start to finish. All of our questions were answered timeously and transparently. Danielle was reassuring and guided us throughout the process. Her service was brilliant and she was always happy to answer our numerous questions.

Pebbles arrived in perfect condition - we are thankful to Keringa-Petwings for this.
Pebbles is Safe and Sound in the UK Keringa-Petwings Testimonials Pet Transport
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