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Pepper is Safe & Sound in Australia 💕

Keringa-Petwings received this email from his happy owners:

We fetched Pepper last Monday. He was so happy to see us. He's healthy and has settled in well. Pepper has already come with us on his first Aus vacation soon after arriving.

Thanks so much to Keringa, especially to Jessica, Colin, and Candise for facilitating this move and taking care of Pepper for the past few months. We really appreciate the daily pics and updates. We were stuck at the last minute having already arrived in Aus when his temp accommodation with family did not work out and Keringa jumped in and saved the day. We were so worried about our little boy but you really took care of everything.

We're so happy that Pepper has made it to Aus and our family is now complete. He is a bubbly, mischievous little boy as usual and has made himself right at home. We'll definitely recommend Keringa to anyone requiring pet kenneling and pet relocation services. Your professionalism, expertise, and response times, all coupled with your passion for reuniting fur kids with their families are just fantastic. Your service was incredible throughout our journey with you. I have attached some pics of Pepper, our Little Prince.
Pepper is Safe & Sound in Australia

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