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Zumi and Zimba Have Arrived Safely in Cranbrook, Canada ❤️

Danielle Smuts, senior pet travel consultant, who handled their emigration, received the following praise via email from their happy humans:

Dear Danielle, It has been a week since we collected our cats from the airport in Cranbrook, BC – right on time as promised. Zumi and Zimba were obviously quite rattled by their new surroundings but were in good condition and very happy to see their humans. They took a while to bounce back to their normal selves – we blame it on all the changes and jet lag. Now they are settled in, already going outside to explore, and eating like champs again. It also makes us feel more at home having them around.

Thank you for the updates and communications throughout the process (you guys knew our flight was delayed even before we got the notification). I hope none of us has to emigrate in the near future, but would happily recommend Keringa-Petwings to anyone planning to take their animals with them.
Zumi and Zimba have arrived Safely in Cranbrook, Canada
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